Hello! I accept commissions for artwork, illustrations and tattoo designs.
If you have a question, or would like to request something not included in this doc, feel free to use the contact form or send me an email at rachel.l.park16@gmail.com

- I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
- I take payment via PayPal in GBP. I do not accept cryptocurrency.

- Payment is 50% upfront as a deposit with the remaining amount paid upon completion. Once payment is received, a high res file will be emailed to you.
- Once the lineart is completed, refunds are no longer available.
- Feel free to ask for updates. 

- I will be able to showcase my work in portfolios or on my social media accounts and/or website, but if your art is a gift or you otherwise want it kept secret, please let me know. 
- You cannot use my work for commercial purposes (such as putting my designs on merchandise or using them as NFT’s).
- Depending on the commission, your work should be done within a few weeks. I will update you if it may take longer/refund you if I don't believe I'll be able to finish it.
Specificity is key for your commission! Any reference or inspiration images you can provide will give me a better understanding of your concept!

What I can draw

- Human/humanoid
- Minor gore/violence
- Light mecha
- Concept work
- Tattoo designs
- Digital or Traditional art


*Pricing may be increased due to complexity of design

Tattoo Designs (Individual designs up to 20cm, please ask for larger sizes)

Linework - £30
Black & Grey - £45
Colour - £30 - £65 (depending on complexity)

Artwork (up to A4, please ask for larger sizes)

I can also offer tattoo passes for some of my existing work if you send a request by email. Once tattoo designs are completed and paid for you will also receive a permission form to bring to your tattoo artist to confirm you are allowed the use of the artwork for your tattoo.

 Flat Illustration - £30
Shaded Drawing - £50
Full Colour Drawing - £65 - £80 (depending on complexity)

I can also create traditional works such as ink, acrylic or oil paint on canvas/board, please contact me for more details.
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